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Soul-Wise Living

Are you Listening ~ to yourself?

Have you ever had that ‘gut’ instinct? Is it ‘too quiet’ so you can’t hear it? Do you really know how to listen to it? Would you like to? Listening to this instinct of ours has a tremendous effect on our well-being.  Having this ability can help you manifest more health and abundance in your life!

There are many ways to “BOOST up the VOLUME” of our ‘gut’ instinct without it taking much time and effort. We just need guidance on how to magnify the energy that surrounds us and is within us.

One very simple way to open yourself up for more joy, love and abundance is    to make certain that the entry ways in our homes are uncluttered and welcoming. This allows energy to flow into your life. With the temperature beginning to fall, our entry ways begin to gather more shoes, sweaters, scarves and more. Take the time to create a system now to keep these warming garments from cluttering that area. It will make a world of difference.

Other tools for manifesting more in your life include things such as Vision Mapping, Feng-shui adjustments, oracle Readings, and bodywork. They all help shift energy for improved health and wellness.  Using them helps makes simple changes and adjustments in one’s life that manifest dreams that have been left dormant for years.

“Listening to your heart,
Finding out who you are, may not be simple.
But, with time-honored techniques,
You can quiet down the chatter.
In the silence of, “not doing,”
We begin to know what we feel.
If we listen and hear what is being offered,
Then anything in life can be our guide.

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Can you name one time in your life when you ‘listened’ really well to your ‘gut and it changed everything for the better?!

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