Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

2018 Oracle Reading

Discover What Your Soul Wants You to Know!

Isn’t it time to work on letting go of the past and step into your future?   
Oracle readings are a great place to start to begin the process of self-discovery or re-charge when you’ve hit a blockage. They are profoundly uplifting, offer hope and a pathway forward based on your higher self. They are a tool for you to engage your inner GPS for it’s wisdom and direction.

Soul-Wise Readings Annual Readings are based upon looking at the next cycle (2017) of your life. Clients are able to answer questions like:

~What quality does my Soul want me to nurture for a positive 2017?
~If there was a course of action that my Soul would want me to take each month of next year, what would it be?
~ What quality will be my greatest ally over the course of the year?
~What outcome can I expect?
~And more.


Soul-Wise Living’s Process

I use several different card decks for these readings.  They vary from Doreen Virtue to Denise Linn and other’s. My favorite one’s are Soul Coaching & Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn are used. I’ve used them personally and professionally since they were first on the market. In fact, I was so honored to be the first person to physically hold the first set of cards ‘hot off the presses’ in Denise’s home at Summer Hill Ranch!

The decks do not have swords or a sense of darkness that many decks have and the images in this deck are powerfully uplifting and supportive. The readings tell you what you need to heal, how to move forward and they have profoundly influenced my clients on their paths to healing and joyful living.

I do not simply pick a card.








New Year ~ Wheel Reading – 13 Cards:

The New Year Wheel comes from the Native American cultures.  They are based on life’s cycle. They believe, as I do, that all of life is like a cycle.  We go through the cycles of life, we learn, we grow and we develop. With the New Year upon us ~ This tool will look at what possibilities are available for you in the next 12 months of your life. What to release and what to put your focus on each month!

What People are Saying: 

“I have had some very deep shifts the past few months and stepping into my “divine” gifts and power over healing our world – I looked over my oracle reading and its just so perfect XOXO  Love you – thank you for showering me with your gifts”  ~ Kellyann Schaefer

“I love, love, love my reading. I can’t believe how beautiful it was when I received it. I’m so glad that I invested in ME to have that extra time with you to go deeply into it’s meaning and discover the year ahead! I’m so hopeful and excited for it to unfold.” ~ Mary Wood

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