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A quick easy 3 Step Technique using Aromatherapy & Acupressure for Stress Relief!

Both of these holistic tools are great for relieving many symptoms of stress and ill-health. Using them in combination creates exponential and effective healing that lasts longer than when used individually.


Aromatherapy is the holistic application of essential oils for wellness and healing. One must be careful not to mistake this for things that just ‘smell good’.  There are many goods out there now (candles and room deodorizors) that espouse to be good ‘aromatherapy’. While they may smell good, they do not have the therapeutic benefits that can only be found with using non-synthetic, quality essential oils.

Acupressure is the stimulation of the body by placing constant pressure on points on the body.  Most commonly these points are considered to be those that run along meridians. They may also be neurovascular points or trigger points or reflexive points. By placing direct pressure on these points, the nervous system sends a message to the brain to make a change in the body via that points responses.

Combine Aromatherapy & Acupressure together and you create positive healing changes. Here’s just one tip for you when you are having a stressful day. Try this 3 Step Process:

    1. Open a bottle of therapeutic grade lavender and place on the table or desk in front of you.

    1. Then find these two neurovascular points on your own forehead. They will be located directly above the inside of the eye along the top ridge of your forehead.

  1. Apply steady pressure to the point. It does not have to be deep but should be felt. Then, while maintaining pressure on this point. Breathe in the lavender slowly and breathe out deeply. You can do this for 3-5 minutes. Blood will be restored to the fore-brain ~ the area that deals with creative thinking. After doing this, you will be invigorated to return to the task at hand with clear and precise thinking.

If you want to know more about how you can combine these two modalities to create healing and wellness. Join me this Saturday for a fun interactive workshop on Aromatherapy & Acupressure! Check it out here. Or call me to discuss ways that would help benefit your unique situation.

When it comes to Aromatherapy, it’s all about what smells you like and finding an essential oil that will help your particular situation and likes. To exponentially create the healing effect you’d like, add acupressure points to your aromatherapy and see how just 3 minutes can make a huge difference! How and when can you add this into your life for relaxation and wellness? Let me know!

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