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8 Ways to Survive The Holiday Craziness

Holiday Craziness is upon us and sometimes you just Have To Get Away! Or would it be better to just keep the Craziness & the Bah Hum Bugs away to begin with? 

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Finding ways to combat Stress and combatting Holiday Craziness and allowing your own heart to shine is Vital during  the Holidays.

Yes, there are several Stress-Management Techniques available. Eating well, getting plenty of rest, getting outside, getting regular exercise, taking a yoga class are some. These all serve well. But, the one that will serve you the greatest isn’t it that list.

Being able to Tap into Our Own Inner Wisdom and discovering what is best for you in each moment and following your own advice helps combat stress the most. Everyone has this ability. It’s a skill that you can cultivate. One way to cultivate it is to have a Spiritual Survival Kit on hand. One that helps support your intentions of the season. (Need help with setting your intentions? Try these 5 ideas!)

 Creating A Spiritual Holiday Survival Kit can include a number of things and a number of options. These are things that need to resonate with you. First, you must create the intention you want for your holidays. Is it peace and quiet? Is it merriment? Is it a time for family-fun or intimate connection? Will you want to be active or have a period of quiet reflection ~ or somewhere in between. Once you understand your deepest desires and intentions, you can create your survival kit.

Create Spiritual Holiday Survival Kit and don't let the Bah Hum Bug dis-ease get a hold of you! Remain In-Joy this season and beyond Share on X

Some things to have in your Spiritual Survival Kit include: 

1. A Sacred Place ~ where no one ever knows your going ~ your secret hiding place if you will ~ where you can think on your own without intrusions. It may be the coffee shop or the parking lot by a park. Someplace to go for 10-15 minutes where you can reconnect with your intention for the season. 

2. Your Sacred Calendar ~ look at it now and schedule downtime in and around the activities that support your intention for the season.
Keep the ‘downtime’ like any appointment you would have with your boss……..after all, you ARE the boss! Avoid the Holiday Craziness by staying in line with your commitments! 

3. A Sacred Connection ~ that person who doesn’t judge, who doesn’t tell you what you ‘should’ do but rather the person who you trust to simply have a cup of tea with who will just ‘be’ there for you. Think of that one person who is able to support you the most and create a time to share with them.
Creating Sacred Connection in on-line communities allows for support.  The Living Your Truth ~ Soul Wise Living Community helps with this.

4. Sacred Bodywork ~ what kind of bodywork do you love where you can really just sit back and truly relax. A massage; A pedicure; Reflexology; Facial, something else? Choose the one that best brings you back to center, joy and peace-of-mind. Schedule it Now as part of your Spiritual Survival Kit

5. Sacred Journal ~ the place where you can dump your thoughts and emotions and then ask yourself the core questions that allow you to find the answers and strength from within. It can also allow you to see, sense and feel your priorities with greater clarity 

6. Sacred Cry ~ yes. The Art of Crying is a must to cultivate so that you can rid yourself of a vibration that doesn’t work for you, soothe yourself and step back to living soul wise to move forward from. The holidays can be difficult ~ when we are separated by distance or cosmos ~ from the one’s we love. When things don’t go as planned, the holidays seem to heighten those emotions and allow these to flow will help you raise your vibration. 

7. Sacred Music ~  there is nothing like having a playlist handy ~ that contain your favorite holiday music ~ for those times that you want to get away but still have that commute to make. Having one that alignes with your intentions of the season supports you and allows the holiday craziness to disappear. 

8. Sacred Personal Item ~ you might choose a crystal, or prayer or worry beads, or a figurine of an angel. It’s a sacred item that allows you to re-focus on what your intentions are, give you strength and allow you to quiet your mind to make choices base on your inner wisdom.

BONUS: Your Sacred Intentions ~ by creating the intention with which you want and focusing on it ~ carrying it around with you ~ written on a card or in your heart and coming back to that often ~ choices and decisions become easy and Your intentions grow and glow for you! 

What do you want to put into your survival kit? How will you keep the holiday craziness to a minimum? Here’s your chance to think for a moment and start writing a list of what you want to put in your soul survival kit. If you need some support in this, reach out to me ~ it’s one of my areas of expertise!!!! What tools do you use ~ beyond the one’s mentioned ~ that allow you to return to a place of calm and centered~ness. Let me know in the comments below!

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