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7 Lessons to Learn From Honking Geese

 Self-esteem is a funny thing. A strong one alludes so many people and even those with a good sense of self and understanding has one because they know when to re-fuel their self-knowledge and self-worth. How we develop, increase or recharge our own is a personal preference.  My favorite way of recharging mine is to look for signs that support it.I have always had a place that recharges my soul. When I go there, I soak up all that is good in the Universe ~ abundance, joy, passion and more. Recently, I was taking the time to journal in this spot. I was journaling about how I was doubting myself and questioning some decisions. I was journaling about this for clarification and boy, did I ever get some!The geese were clammoring ~ making a HUGE rucus as I was writing. Non-stop honking that seemed to get louder and louder. The more I wrote,  the louder they became to the point of distraction. So, I stopped writing and started listening. This is what I heard from the geese:

Iremembered that  My camp mascot was the Canadian GooseI listened to the honking and remembered songs from camp whose lyrics resonated with my needs at the moment. “I know a place where no one ever goes” “You’ll wake into a brand new day” “He made us strong to do” etc etc. They flooded back into me.

 I remembered that the days were long and worries were few. I remembered that good times come and they go, so do bad times. I remembered how supportive I felt in that environment ~ the councelors taught me that I could do whatever I put my mind to.   I remembered that we were taught to consider other’s feelings and thoughts but to make our own decisions and be proud of them. I remembered that that is where I first learned to work in collaboration with others (think canoe!) I remembered that was where I learned “I was Strong.” I remembered that that was where I first learned that “I am good enough” just as I am in any given moment.

I listened to the sign of the Sounds of the Geese and I began to write quickly and furiously and wrote this down:

When in Doubt, Listen to the Lessons of the Sounds of Geese:

1) Go back in time to find a place of safety where you can HEAR your fear ~ where you can HEAR what your soul has to say to you.

2) Quiet yourself down to hear the signs that are all around you. They will give you the answers you need.

3) Know that the worries of today will be gone tomorrow and new one’s will take their place. But you can be happy in knowing that life is full of cycles and each is filled with lots of Joy and even some Sorrow.

4) Ask for support ~ always ~ in business and in life.

5) Find a community to belong to ~ you will never feel alone.

6) Go to Your Source for strengthening ~ whatever that may be for you.

7) Know you Are Good Enough at any given moment in your life

Funny thing is when I finished writing. I closed my journal and sat back. The geese that were in the cove took off on their wings and flew past the dock and out the bay into life and their was stillness and silence once again. Their lesson had been heard.  Here is a Beautiful site with more lessons from geese.

Where do you go for clarification and what tools (such as a journal) do you use?

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