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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Moment!

It is smack dap in the middle of the holiday season. Many of us are just trying to get that list accomplished. We forget that focusing on what the season means to us ~ whatever that is because it means so many different things to so many different people.  Losing sight of that intention decreases the amount of joy we will receive from this moment in time. To remind yourself of this, try these simple ideas:

  1. Take a Deep Breath and focus on bright light going into the center of your being. Allow yourself to feel the love that resides in your heart.
  2. Look at the Colors in the world: Find a place to see the deep colors that are abundant in our lives and focus on the one color that you like for a moment
  3. Light a candle one that not only shines a light on your moment but also smells of the scents that bring you peace and love.
  4. Read something that brings you pleasure I’m a huge “Winnie-The-Pooh” fan and cannot look at him without getting that internal sense of deep Joy. What can you read or look at that does this for you?
  5. Remind Yourself that you are a unique individual who gives many gifts to this world each and every moment.

Set Your Intention and relish in the moment for this is the path to true peace and joy! 

I have found this poem by Robert Hastings to be one of great insight when it comes to seeing the value of living in the moment.

Read The Station at It’s a great reminder to us all that it is not what we don’t have or what we aspire towards that brings us great happiness. It is the journey that brings us Joy!

What else can you do to Live in the Present? Happy Holidays!

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