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10 Traits of a Good Coach or Mentor

 Think back to junior and senior high school. Who championed you? Who was in your corner? Who challenged you to be better than you thought you could be, supported your visions and allowed you to be you? Who, when you made mistakes, still gave you the encouragement to continue forward? No doubt it was a special teacher but more probably someone who was involved in your extra-curricular activities. A sports coach. A music director. Someone from your church.

I was fortunate enough to have a coach who was also my school advisor who believed in me. She supported my crazy-highschool days and showed me that, no matter what I chose to be doing, I would be successful. She helped me navigate t he precarious roads of teenagehood ~ whether they were on the playing field, the classroom, at home or in life. 

Fast forward many many years. Who do you look to for that kind of support that you had when you were growing up?  So many people leave having this kind of relationship in their life to their ‘growing up’ days. Yet, I have discovered that at every corner and turn in life, we are still growing up! So, why leave that key ingredient that helped you be successful in school back there? Why not bring that ingredient to success into your life right now?

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Since that first coach, I’ve had a variety of mentors ~official and unofficial~ to support me. They have had different titles: boss, colleague, personal trainer, nutritionist, psychologist, financial advisor, friend and more.  When I’ve found the right connection, I’ve discovered that each of these people ~regardless of their profession or title ~has had a profound influence on my life and each has served as an integral part in my success. And, they share common traits. They:

  1.        Are Selfless
  2.        Have expertise
  3.        Possess character
  4.        Are patient
  5.        Are trustworthy
  6.        Have a positive attitude
  7.        Believe in you
  8.        Encourage you
  9.        Challenge you
  10.        Are honest (sometimes blatantly!) with you

If you want greater clarity in your life, if you want to have more success, joy & abundance, finding someone ~ regardless of their title~ like this who will champion you is imperative. Life has too many obstacles and puts up too many smoke screens to be able to navigate them without someone who champions you!  Have you ever used a mentor in your adult life? In what area of your life could you use one now?  

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