Did you see a Rainbow?
Perhaps, a Double Rainbow?
What does it mean?

What other signs are you seeing or missing in your life? Do you know where to look?

Rainbows are magical!

When you see them, you should admire their beauty but also discover their meaning!

Signs are everywhere in your life and can be your compass to renewed inspiration, greater Joy and more abundance than ever before ~ especially rainbows!

Are you ready to discover their hidden meanings and messages?

Hello, I’m Laura Clark

The Soul Wise Living Mentor

As your guide I’ll help you understand why a rainbow and/or a Double Rainbow appears before you. You’ll see how they are not just beautiful but are also magical and mystical.

They are a sign for you to understand and follow.

I'd be honored to be your guide.

In this presentation you’ll discover:

  • The Symbolism of a Rainbow’s Shape and of their colors
  • The Spiritual Meaning of a Double Rainbow
  • How to create a Personal Interpretation for your sighting
  • Why you want to look for other signs in your life
  • Learn the secret benefits to seeing these Guiding Signs

See what people are saying!

I highly recommend you listen to this audio if you are curious about rainbows or eager to learn more about how signs in life help you tap into your own intuition. Laura's Beauty & Awe of Double Rainbows presentation is fabulous! For so long I have been curious about double rainbows. Especially having seen double rainbows at interesting times, this was leading me to wonder are these beautiful creations of nature more than just the universe sharing beauty and awe. After hearing Laura's delightful, informative, and insightful audio, I was able to see how signs are presented to me.

Cindy Key

Laura does an amazing job explaining the symbolism of rainbows and the meaning their appearance means for you. I have always been curious about the synchronicity of events in my life, and had never really thought about the appearance rainbows as spiritual signposts. Have you been noticing lots of rainbows lately? Be sure to check out Laura’s Beauty and Awe of Double Rainbows!

Tiffany Kane

The Beauty & Awe of Double Rainbows Presentation

In this 30-minute audio, I will take you on a journey about rainbows and their symbolism.

You will learn how to see them with renewed beauty and create your own meaning as to why they may be signs for you.

You will come out with greater clarity and learn how to see signs for greater clarity, purpose and joy in your life.

You will also receive these amazing bonuses as additional resources:

  • Rainbows, Chakras and the Power of Their Color Associations ($17 value)
  • 88 Common Signs & Symbols Seen in Life and their traditional Meanings ($14 value)

Total Value Added: $31 (more than the course itself!)

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