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How To Release Energy

To In-Joy life, we must Release Energy that does not serve us.

Energy Energy gets stored up in us all the time. We call it pent up frustration or pinned-up energy. This only stymies our best efforts. Learning How to Release Energy quickly and easily is imperative to being able to make great decisions based on your own inner wisdom rather than on emotions and energies that do not serve your highest purpose. 

Consider this: You’re in a meeting and someone starts tapping their fingers on the table. You’re in a traffic jam and you begin to tap your fingers on the steering wheel. Or, you’re in a doctors office waiting for an appointment and you fold and unfold your hands in your lap. These are a few examples of times when you are unable to release energy and you are trying to without great success. Being unable to release this energy only elevates our impatience and frustration and leads to anxiety. 


Children know how to release energy with               hand gestures naturally.

What happens when you don’t know how to release energy? Emotions rise and effective communication decreases. By allowing this release, you return your state of being to homeostatis; to balance. Frustration is eliminated. Anger is dissipated and you allow yourself to center in on your own inner wisdom to make decisions that support not only you, but everyone around you.

Creating a hand mudra allows you to release energy anytime anywhere. Click To Tweet

A mudra is a movement or design that harnesses and manages your energy flow. It can quickly release, channel or redirect energy to align your yourself with your highest good.

How to release Energy is easy through the use of these finger mudras following these 6 Simple steps:

  1. Recognize that your energy needs to be shifted
  2. Decide what energy needs shifting
  3. Create an intentional, effective and quick hand mudra to accomplish this
    1. To dispel a frustration consider a finger movement that moves energy out of and away from you such as flicking each finger
    2. To draw energy you need to release negative thoughts consider creating a movement that easily brings air to you. 
  4. Breathe
  5. Execute Mudra
  6. Come back to center and re-engage

Discover How to Release energy quickly and effectively with a simple hand gesture ~a spiritual one! Click To Tweet Even a hand gesture that can be done under the table in the board room! 

Try Creating a mudra. It’s a simple and fun way to discover how to release energy! If you are having trouble and want support in creating a custom-made hand mudra for your individual needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 

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Have you ever created a hand mudra with the intention of using it to release energy?! Let me know if you have and if you haven’t in the comments below, why not create one right now?!


  1. Hi Laura
    I have never done this but I am very interested in learning how!


    Laura Clark Reply:

    Karen ~ this is something I work with my clients on ~ seeing what they need and creating their own solutions quickly and effortlessly in any given situation for more joy and abundance!


    Comment by Karen — April 14, 2016 @ 10:08 am

  2. Hope all reading this post make the connection that this is easy and effective. Yet, I know the struggle of the connection, creating this habit, and sticking with it to get results. Laura – I might never be able to thank you enough for helping me learn simple things. Yes, you can do these in a board room or anywhere [and not a soul, knows unless they are wishing to move to joy]. Stay with it – my tip [learned from Laura] – pause, feel, re-focus, release, and drop back into joy. The journey continues. Thanks. Wishing all an amazing day!


    Laura Clark Reply:

    Cindy ~ i’m in tear with awe and how you have stepped into fears, fought them, and come out the other side!!!! xxoo


    Comment by Cindy — April 14, 2016 @ 10:13 am

  3. Laura – something I do everyday is exert pressure all over my hands. Not only does it release any negative energy it increases my health by activating meridian / positive energy points. I use my thumb and (on the opposite hand) rub over the thumb pad, middle, and upper parts of my hands (30-45 times). I also do the outside of the hand below the little finger and at the base of all five fingers. I rotate and pull each finger as well. It keeps this area more limber too.


    Laura Clark Reply:

    You hit the “Pond of Wind” the Asian acupressure point between in your thumb pad that releases stress by doing this and so much more! Love your process Virginia! 🙂


    Comment by Virginia Reeves — April 14, 2016 @ 1:08 pm

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